About Us

Hi, I'm Tara McPherson,

I am the owner of Brainchild Designs. My sister, Tania Johansen has played a big role in my business over the years too, and we are almost famous for our energetic salesmanship while vending at shows. Since 1998, we have been hand crafting our funky fleece toques to sell in the "Craft Show Circuit", mostly all over Western Canada with some shows as far as Montreal & Ottawa.

Having first hand experience talking with our customers, we've listened to their concerns and have come up with solutions to fit some of the holes in the market for kid's clothing & outerwear (strangle-free scarves for example). 

Kids LOVE our products so much that some actually want to wear their hats to bed! Parents ask me what kind of magic I put in them! 

While starting out with hats, then scarves, I've branched out to pants and t-shirts too. I feel I'm a bit of a teacher at heart so we've come up with some fun "educational shirts" to help spread the word on how to remember how to use words correctly. More will be coming as time ticks by, so check back on us from time to time. I also like humour and figured there's a niche for the artwork I create. 

I'm also inspired by life events and meanings. My friend adopted an embryo and I was so moved by her story, I designed a collection called, "Family is More than DNA". While I was working on it, I thought of all the adopted kids and families out there, all of the fostered kids and families, as well as step siblings and families. Even my own father in law! This artwork isn't just for one group, we ALL have someone in our lives whom we feel is family even though they aren't blood. I hope you enjoy the meaningfulness of what the art represents and ideally, shop from the collection & send me stories of how the gift went over. I'd love to post stories on social media of some happy customers! 

Thanks for reading ALL the way to the end! Enjoy!