Welcome to our Fashion Booth display page!

Although this part of Brainchild Designs is pretty new, our booth has gone through some significant changes! We started this side of Brainchild by calling it My Shine, creative designs that inspire, and we only carried Christophe Poly’s jewelry. Over time, we introduced Leopards & Roses, Squirrel Originals’ Hair Clips and Papillon. Scroll through to see the changes through time!

2016 Whoop Up Days

Check out our new blue display!

2016 Fort McLeod Farmers Market

We have a portable change booth now!

Claresholm Farmers’ Market 2016

We welcome the addition of Papillon ladies’ clothing!

Claresholm Live Jam

Live music by talented people at the Farmers’ Market! What a treat!

Midnight Stadium Fort Mcleod 2016

We had a great time at the Homestead Show & Market; there were 3 food trucks!

Chestermere 2016

Our little display in Chestermere, AB, 2016. We received our clothing shipment from BC!

Camp Chestermere, 2016

Our first show in Calgary; we didn’t have the clothing from BC yet, and we changed our booth display from brown burlap to pink, and added some colourful hair clips as well.

Campbell River, BC, 2016

The brains behind Brainchild – Tara – peeks out from behind the display after setup.

Vancouver Island, BC, 2016

Our first show with clothing! We introduce Leopards & Roses as part of our Little boutique.

Vancouver Island, BC, 2016

Our booth design incorporated some twigs at one point, for necklace hangers.

Comox, BC, 2016

We won third place for best booth display¬†at the Comox West Coast Women’s Show 2016!

A Blue Ribbon Winner!

Port Alberni, BC, 2016

We’ve got our big banner sign, and Tara, owner and operator of Brainchild Designs, pops out to say hello during the show

Nanaimo West Coast Women’s Show, BC, 2016

Tania, Tara’s twin sister and co-conspirator welcomes My Shine into the world, a division of Brainchild Designs. It’s the merchandising side of Brainchild, and for our first offerings, we chose jewelry by Montreal artist Christophe Poly because his work is amazing and Tara is his self-proclaimed number one fan! Tara is in the picture, but as the boss, she also gets to decide when she’s not in the picture.