Welcome to our Fleece Booth display page!


Brainchild Designs started in 1998 by Tara McPherson. Her designs were original and unique, and her patented Scarfit has become her signature hat, worn by people all over the world. But she didn’t just stop there; each year Tara made new fleece products for her growing clientele, and as these things happen, her booth went from a single table to a large store-like shop that takes more than 5 hours to set up. Browse through to see some of our displays through the years!

2017 Current Booth Display

New this year: T shirts and pants for kids

2016 Booth Display

check out our new sign!

Spruce Meadows 

Our new booth display, created by Geoff McPherson! We love our new ‘shop’ look! You will too! Everything is easy to find, and there’s LOTS of selection!

Spruce Meadows

Our first show at Spruce Meadows.

Airplane Cable?

In this display, we use airplane wire to hang the hats at the back on. Geoff McPherson, Tara’s husband, creates this by going to the hardware store and whipping something up!

Wall of Hats

Brains behind Brainchild Designs, owner and operator, Tara, stands behind her booth, ready to sell.

Cute Hats!

Owner Tara stands ready at her booth. We used to pin each hat to the wall…it took forever (around 5 hours) and we’d sometimes stab ourselves. 

Lots of Hats!

We’ve added lots of vertical spacing to the booth design; hats on the back wall (a back wall), and individual hats on bowls held up by painted dowels.

First Days Table Display

Long ago, in 1998, Tara started with a simple table display with hats laid out on top, and hats piled up underneath. The girl hats had makeup, and there were no patterns or multi-colours yet.