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Scarfits - a Hat and Scarf in One (Medium)

Scarfits - a Hat and Scarf in One (Medium)

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A whimsical hat and scarf combo that has endless creative ways to wear.
Instead of carrying it when too hot, simply tie it around your waist or onto your knapsack! 
  • Size: Medium 
  • Fits: Heads up to 21"
Parents say there must be magic in these hats! Kids just LOVE wearing these fun eyeball hats! They can be tied up to look like a ninja, a pirate, to have pigtails or buns, have fun with it!

Some fun ways to tie it up include: 

  • Ninja look
  • Shrek-like ears
  • Puppy ears
  • Pigtails
  • Tie into fruit bowl on head
  • Pirate Look
  • Buns like Princess Leia
  • Get creative! 

Limited stock, hand made. 

See the demo on Youtube! 

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