Tara McPherson

Tara McPherson

Owner & Operator, Brainchild Designs

How it all began...

Back beforeĀ 1998, Tara did a lot of snowboarding. But she wasn’t very good; she kept falling down and losing her hat. She’d have to trudge back up the mountain from where she eventually tumbled down to retrieve her lost hat. And when she went inside to get warmed up, she had too many things to carry. Well, necessity is the mother of all invention, and there was no exception here. Tara, who was taking fashion design, designed a hat to meet all of her needs. It wrapped around and tied up in the back, so whenever she took a spill, she didn’t lose it anymore. And the long ‘ear’ parts she found she could use to stuff her mittens into, and then tie around her waist, leaving her hands free for things like hot chocolate. Well, it seemed she started something, as it’s been almost two decades of making fleece hats.

In March of 2016, Tara decided she wanted to branch out. She had been collecting Christophe Poly jewelry for over a decade; he was her favorite jewelry designer. And while he’s quite prolific out east, he’s not very well known out west, so Tara thought she better fix that and become a retailer of his beautiful works.

It didn’t just stop there. A couple of months later, Tara decided that adding some cool, unique and trendy clothing options would be a good idea too. So we started to merchandise both Leopards & Roses and Papillon.

Jump ahead to 2018, and Tara has just designed pants with reinforced knees for girls and boys as well as t shirts that help teach.

Tara is a creative artist at heart and she’s always coming up with something new!