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Smarty Pants & Bamboo Softy Pants!

~more coming soon~

Boy’s Smarty Pants are made out of cotton duck, similar to Carhartt fabric.

Sizes 3-10 (tan, chocolate, or black).

Made in Canada 60$ ea.

Adjustable waist

Double hem (adds another inch of wearability as the first hem can be taken down an inch and you still have a finished hem)

2 front pockets & 1 in the back

Easy pull up design

…and the best part – reinforced knees! You’ll love them for your little adventurers!


Girl’s Bamboo Softy Pants are made of bamboo/cotton blend and are incredibly soft. The material is twice as thick as a traditional legging, so they are great for those colder months.

Sizes 3-6X in hot pink or purple

Made in Canada 40$ ea.

Front pockets (because girls collect things like rocks and lego too)

Reinforced knees to save you $ on Band-Aids 

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